We Moved!

I am enjoying a pleasant Saturday afternoon on my in-law’s back porch in Carthage, MO. Yesterday morning my mom served us breakfast in Grand Rapids and last night slept in the Johnsons’ camper. We had an uneventful trip, but that’s a good thing. Shannon’s dad brought his trailer up and helped us load our belongings. Then my mom cooked us one last supper. The next morning we got up early mom fixed a delicious breakfast and we got on the road. We thought we were going to arrive late in Camdenton so it was a nice surprise to arrive at our apartment at New Tribes Missionary Training Center around 6:45 and discover that Shannon’s mom and siblings had come up to help us unload the trailer. Shannon walked into the apartment and saw her china hutch and looked at me to tell me someone had been there already and then they all jumped out and said “SURPRISE” and scared her half to death!

Twenty minutes later we had all our things in the apartment. We sat down and talked for a little while and then the Johnson’s headed home. Shannon’s dad was glad he didn’t have to drive any more. Shannon and I decided to get a bite to eat and grab a few more things from our car, and we too drove to the Johnson homestead. We were grateful to be able to sleep in after a couple of exhausting days!



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Beautiful nature photos at local zoo

You don’t have to be a daring adventurist to capture stunning nature and wildlife photographs. While National Geographic likes to use large beautiful images of animals in their natural environment, the local zoo allows for some up close shots of live animals often in simulated natural habitats. This allows for some really great photographs with minimal equipment. Here are some examples from my recent trip to the zoo.

I just love the detail of the underside of this star fish.
Star fish on the glass

Look at how colorful this little guy is.
To see more of my recent photos visit my photostream on flickr: camdenstudio

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The Real Cause of Death

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New Flickr account

Hey Folks,

I decided to expose myself and my photos just a little more, so I have created a Flickr account. Add me as a contact if you like. My profile name is CamdenStudio. Hope to see you there!


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Math skills…

Check out our new posts on the Family Wedgesite!

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Just a quick note about our RSS feeds. We have separate feeds for each of blogs, this one, our “Ministry” page, our “Family” page, and our “Recipes” page. So you may want to be sure and subscribe to each feed. 🙂

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Greetings from the Wedges

Welcome to the Wedgesite! Shannon and I hope you will stop back often to see how we are doing. This will be the place to find out about our ministry with New Tribes Mission, read our family news and updates, and see our photos. So stay tuned!

See the links on the side-bar for our Family Blog, Ministry Blog, and some of our Favorite Recipes!

-Jonathan Wedge


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