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A Moment of Mommy Brilliance!

This afternoon I was trying to think of something yummy and easy to feed Ruthanna for lunch. And then it hit me, as I saw all the ingredients it just came to me! Cracker-pizzas! I just happened to have on hand Ritz crackers, pasta sauce, pepperoni, and shredded cheddar cheese!

And so, below, you see my yummy moment of brilliance!

It was a huge success.

Dab a bit of pasta sauce on the middle of a Ritz cracker, topped with one slice of pepperoni, and a pinch of shredded cheese. I placed it in my toaster oven on 425* for about 3 minutes – until cheese was nice and melty.


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Our Little Monkey

The approach

She mounts the step…
“I did it!”
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Ruthanna is Learning to Walk

Sunday morning Jonathan went to get Ruthanna out of bed and found that she had tried to escape from her PJ’s!

Sunday afternoon, Jonathan was working outside getting more things planted in the garden. He took Ruthanna out to play, and had fun watching her dare to take a few steps and even pick up a rake!


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I have witnessed a miracle!

I baked bread!

Today I decided to set out on an adventure I’d not taken in a while – bread-baking.

I have been so discouraged about baking bread since Jonathan and I got married. Every time I have tried, it has flopped. So, I haven’t tried in a while. Last night Jonathan asked if we could try again.

So we ground some wheat, and I started working on it. It definitely got to rise more than required, as my children’s naps did not coincide – Joshua didn’t want to be put down, diapers needed changing, Ruthanna was cranky, etc.

I was just about ready to throw the dough in the trash! There was no way this was going to turn out, if I was even able to get to it.

But somehow, by God’s grace, I was able to  get the dough shaped and in the pans, and baked, and sliced, and it was wonderful! Praise the Lord! The question now is if I’ll ever be able to do it again! 🙂


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And we’re back…

We kinda left this blog back when we were still in training with New Tribes Mission, as they gave us a different blog to use.

Well, since we have paused our training and that blog has been inactivated, I thought and try to update this one again.

So, I will try to keep this brief, but update those of you who don’t know what’s happened since we left this blog. I’ll try to be brief.

I gave birth to Ruthanna Joy on February 5, 2010.

I love being a mommy! 🙂

Jonathan and I finished up our second semester at the New Tribes Training Center in May, 2010.

We moved next door to my parent’s for the summer.

Jonathan worked all summer as a roofer – hard work, and he got strong and tan. 🙂

We realized in July that we would not be able to return to New Tribes to finish our training in August, mainly due to lack of finances.

So, we packed up the rest of our stuff from New Tribes and moved it all in next door to mom and dad’s (dubbed “The Little House”) where we are still currently living.

In the fall when the roofing work slowed down Jonathan started working at the local Recycle Center, as well as an electronics company. He works really hard to provide for our growing family, and he stays very busy. I’m so proud of that man, and so incredibly grateful for him!

I gave birth to Joshua Ezekiel on March 4, 2011 (another one already? I just did this! haha)

I love being a mommy of two! 🙂

Still waiting for Ruthanna to learn to walk, so I don’t have to carry her AND Joshua everywhere.

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Lately our biggest thing has been preparing for a garden. Jonathan has done most of that work. I’m so grateful! I can hardly think about gardening right now while attending to the kiddos. How did women do it back in the “olden days”? Maybe they knew more about gardening anyway and didn’t have to do as much background work before they planted their seeds?

Well, Jonathan has had fun getting the garden ready (he seems to have enjoyed himself anyway, and I love watching him put his hands to work at something and see the results – he’s so good with his hands).

He built us some boxes in the front of our house and planted different things in them.

He started a bunch of seeds in egg cartons I’ve saved – and he’s hoping to transplant them soon.

Hopefully I can be more help once it’s time to pull up weeds and harvest and all!

On a different note, we are seeking the Lord’s direction concerning our training with New Tribes. I don’t believe we’ll be able to return this August to finish our training either. If not then, when? We don’t know. Are we even supposed to continue with New Tribes? We are unclear. Are we supposed to get involved in a different ministry? We are just unsure.

So, on that note – would you please pray for us? Pray that we can receive direction from the Lord as to what He would have us do with our lives, and that we would heed that direction.

And in the mean time, pray that we would plug in where we are and minister to the lives around us.

Hopefully I can keep you updated with shorter, more frequent posts in the future.

Until next time,

Shannon, for the Wedges

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I realize that it can be tricky to navigate through our site, so I want you all to notice that in the right hand column are links to our other three pages: family, ministry, and recipes. Be sure to read about our recent camping trip with shannon’s family.

We have had a wonderful visit with Shannon’s family and today we will go back to Camdenton and start unpacking. We hope to be nicely settled in by the time classes start. We appreciate your prayers as we get started on this new adventure.


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The Real Cause of Death

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