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Photographing Children

Photography is a hobby of mine — incase you couldn’t tell. I recently had an enjoyable visit with my in-laws and was able to photograph some of my nieces and nephews. They will do some of the funniest things without even trying.

Dive in head first
Dive In Head First

Get Out and Push
Get Out and Push

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Beautiful nature photos at local zoo

You don’t have to be a daring adventurist to capture stunning nature and wildlife photographs. While National Geographic likes to use large beautiful images of animals in their natural environment, the local zoo allows for some up close shots of live animals often in simulated natural habitats. This allows for some really great photographs with minimal equipment. Here are some examples from my recent trip to the zoo.

I just love the detail of the underside of this star fish.
Star fish on the glass

Look at how colorful this little guy is.
To see more of my recent photos visit my photostream on flickr: camdenstudio

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New Flickr account

Hey Folks,

I decided to expose myself and my photos just a little more, so I have created a Flickr account. Add me as a contact if you like. My profile name is CamdenStudio. Hope to see you there!


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